Platform service

Remote detailing Reservation management
The enTouch platform is a platform dedicated to the implementation of remote detailing.
It consists of two platforms: "enReach" for managing reservations and data, and "enVision" for conducting remote detailing

enReach provides a full range of tools for remote detailing, which are not available in most web conferencing tools, and enables centralized management from reservation creation and management to implementation, survey implementation, report creation and data management.
Remote detailing sessions can be recorded, and with the doctor's approval, the recorded sessions can be reviewed at a later date and used for coaching and training for effective remote detailing.
The questionnaire will be displayed on the screen of the medical staff immediately after the remote detailing session, so a high response rate can be expected.

Remote detailing Reservation management



Remote detailing Reservation management

enReach for eMR*

*eMR is the MR responsible for remote detailing.

You can specify the date and time of the session on the appointment calendar and send an email directly to the healthcare professional to complete the remote detailing appointment.
You can also view a list of upcoming sessions, past appointments, and cancelled appointments.
After a remote detailing session, you can click on the remote detailing you conducted from the list and enter the report.
The contents of the report can be customized, so you can set the contents you want to keep as a record at a later date, such as the doctor‘s prescription intentions and reactions.
The report contents entered here can be downloaded as a list by the management side.



Remote detailing

In order to provide information that is easy to understand even remotely, enVision is equipped with various functions such as drawing tools, pointers, and chats, not to mention the sharing of documents and screens. It is also possible to set up a conference that meets the needs of the site, such as inviting not only one doctor but also multiple medical professionals to provide information and hold discussions. The recording function comes as standard, and the recorded contents can be checked by the manager account. If a questionnaire has been set for the physician to fill out, the questionnaire will be displayed on the screen immediately after the remote detailing session.



Remote detailing Management

enReach for Managers

The manager account can view remodeling appointments, implementation, and cancellation status, and can monitor overall activity.
It is also possible to view and download the results of sureys answered by doctors and reports written by e-MRs.
By learning about physicians' prescribing intentions and the level of satisfaction with detailing, you can use this information to analyze progress and develop future remote detailing strategies.

MP service

MPs (Medical Partners) who are specialists in remote detailing provide information on drugs and medical devices on behalf of clients MRs.The MP service requires that you are using enTouch’s platform.

Introduction of MP
MP(Medical Partner)

MPs (Medical Partners) are remote detailing specialists who has a MR licenses and trained to communicate smoothly and effectively with HCPs remotely online.
We can provide remote detailing services for a client's specific products, or we can cover a client's e-MR resources at a specific time or for a specific period of time.

Survey results


The average remote detailing time conducted by our MP is about 21 minutes,we are able to provide medical information on diseases and products as a story not just piece of information.
In addition, according to the results of a questionnaire survey of HCPs who received our remote detailing, 94.7% of the respondents were either "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied," indicating that we provide high-quality information.
Our MPs are experienced MRs from pharmaceutical manufacturers and are capable of handling a variety of disease areas.

experience area

Digestive system diseases

Respiratory system diseases

Endocrine and metabolic system diseases

Cardiovascular system diseases

Bone system diseases

Skin diseases

Central nervous system diseases

Infectious diseases

Rheumatic diseases

Obstetrics and gynecology system diseases

Rare diseases


Remote Detailing
Acqisition Service

Often pharmaceutical and medical device makers struggle to introduce remote detailing programs to target and non-target HCPs. Difficulties are often faced due to lack of HCP access, know-how or the prolonged change management process required to make remote detailing a success.
enTouch’s remote detailing DELIVERY SERVICE solves these issue via recruitment of target doctors by the field sales forces enTouch’s sister company Toho Yakuhin.
For booking appointments with HCPs Toho MS will make it happen.
This service is provided in conjunction with the "Remote Detailing Provision (all outsourced, hybrid)" and the "Platform Provision Service.






MS obtains an appointment for remote detailing
with a physician in person






MP/MR conducts remote detailing
on the day of the appointment






After the remote detailing
MS follows up with the physician
(sample provision, survey or closing activities)

eMR Training

The enTouch platform is easy to use, but we also offer training programs to help you use the platform more effectively.
We will share our know-how on how to effectively provide information remotely, which we have accumulated through our extensive experience in remote detailing.
We will share our know-how on how to effectively provide information remotely.