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enTouch provides products and services that support remote communication between healthcare related companies such as pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to HCPs(healthcare professionals).

The main services is a platform that enables smooth implementation and management of remote communication" and MR service that delivers product information to healthcare professionals on behalf of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.



益夫 憲

Ken Masuo

GlaxoSmithKline K.K.
Served as Senior Managing Director of AstraZeneca Co.

SOV competition by reps is no longer necessarily in line with the strategies of pharmaceutical companies.Recent advances in IT and AI have made remote detailing an inevitability, and it will become more and more so. When we think about detailing, we need to look at things from a larger and wiser perspective.Some of the elements required when designing remote detailing are the quality and level of the operator (remote reps), careful preparation in line with the company's strategy and objectives, cooperation between the actual reps and the operator, and a strong commitment from the entire sales force organization.enTouch's offerings are designed to encompass all of these, and to help pharmaceutical companies succeed.

絹谷 正之 先生

Dr. Masauki Kinutani

Medical Corporation Kinutani Obstetrics and Gynecology (Hiroshima, Japan)

I was told that I could hear the explanation directly from the person in charge in an easy and free time, so I decided to have a talk with him. I use computers and cell phones on a daily basis, so I didn't have any major concerns.The person in charge gave a very clear explanation with the impression that he had been doing this kind of work for a long time originally.The session was conducted properly at the time we specified, and we were told beforehand how long it would take, so we were able to hear a good explanation without interfering with our other work.It is very important for us to use our time efficiently in order to obtain various information in our busy schedule, so I have the impression that this service is in line with what we do.

ピーター シェーン 先生

Dr. Peter Shane

Hokkaido University Hospital
Associate Professor, Department of International Medicine, Physician

The Entouch approach is very good in that doctors who want to get information can make an appointment in advance at a time that is most convenient for them.

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新型コロナウィルスの蔓延により、施設訪問での直接面談が困難となり、2020年以降、オンラインでの情報提供活動が飛躍的に拡大しました。 2022年もその傾向は変わらず、リモートディテーリングは主要な情報提供チャネルとして確実に根付いてきています。















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  • 医療機器企業が提供するサービスのセグメンテーションを、医療従事者の関心度や遠隔での提供の可否で分類しています。
  •  医療機器業界におけるSFE( sales force effectiveness )パフォーマンスの測定基準。
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