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Marty Roberts

Ph.D., President and CEO

Marty Roberts

The world is constantly changing,
as are the informational needs
of doctors to make informed prescribing decisions

for their patients.

As a leader of online physician information provision since 2015,enTouch has strived to meet the moment and provide doctors the information they need most via remote detailing so they can make the best choices for their patient care decisions.
Our focus, from day one, has been to provide a quality experience for busy doctors and healthcare professionals (HCP).Thus, we have focused our investments into 2 main areas:

  1. 1. Creating a technically seamless online experience for doctors to connect with an MP (Medical Partner) via our proprietary software
  2. 2. Recruiting and continuously training the best MPs to inform doctors accurately and persuasively of the value propositions of important medicines.

Since 2020, as a majority-owned subsidiary of Toho Holdings, enTouch has vigorously expanded our informational outreach and support to doctors and other HCPs. We have successfully combined the innovative approach and technology of enTouch with Toho’s network of over 2,000 MS (Medical Specialists wholesaler representatives), making enTouch’s reach in Japan on par with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

To all of our long-time and new customers who have supported our growth over these many years, I deeply thank you for your belief in the enTouch vision.
As an industry, I truly believe we will continue to make incredible improvements in patient care. I look forward to the many next steps we will take together on this journey.

Marty Roberts